Bilingual/English Counseling

Bilingual/English Counseling

from 165.00

If you are foreigners speaking in English and living Taiwan and need a therapist or if you look for a bilingual therapist who understands the Taiwanese culture and people but at the same times knows yours, you are welcomed to contact me for individual or couples therapy session in person.


If you are English speaking foreigners or a bilingual speaker in both English and Mandarin Chinese living in Taipei, Taiwan, you are welcomed to book your appointment with me from here if you look for a bilingual therapist for individual or couples therapy. I will assist you once I receive your request for evaluation and further assistance.

  • You can choose the initial session if we haven’t met before which will last 90 mins or an individual session if we met before. If you will like to book couples’ initial counseling session and interested in 8 sessions special offer for couples, please do so. I will assist you with the rest after you book the appointment.

  • You can follow the step and directly pay online when checkout.

  • If you prefer to pay in NTD, you can complete your payment through this link:台幣支付 . Please email us your receipt to confirm your appointment.